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286 add

DragonCity Addict

Jadore ce jeu !

Dragon city

Dragon City ist ist voll cool ich habe es voll lange und spiele es immer noch

Dragon City

Ist das bessere spiel

Bestes Spiel

I Love this Game

Es ist cool

es ist sehr toll

Good time killer

Game prettt fun gives u something to do on your down time

the race

it is not letting me buy packs if u dont fix I will not play allot anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ancient world

Need to be able to go get help. The Ancient world has Sid coming soon for months! No clue if its a lost leader or if there are plans to actually follow thru

I like it

Its pretty good, I like how vanoss is in it too.


Really good

This company steals your money!

Been playing this game for a while and it ended today as I went to make a purchase. A small simple purchase might i add and they ripped me off a whole $3.15 and left me with nothing in return LOL Its kinda sad! Therefore I do not recommend this game to anyone.

Please fix the habitat upgrades!

I dont want to spend gems on upgrading my habitats thats very annoying. Also can you not make it where I need friends for certain things like the metal habitat or ice habitat? This game is very fun and addicting but the two problems I mentioned makes it unenjoyable

What is really going on????

Not only is this game losing my interest they developers keep trying to make changes that only make the game worse and less enjoyable. Just put the stuff back please...


Its amazing and I hope you guys make more cool and awesome dragons


This game is a little difficult to get into but once you do, it is fun and satisfying! Well done✌


I like the game but I have moved up about 20 levels and it wont let me get any more habitats which isnt good since they keep coming out with new dragons. I like that they increased the amount of habitats I can have but now it wont let me move some of them. I bought & placed new habitats but I cant put my dragons in them. It wants me to buy the areas on the island again! Very frustrating and I never dig get back the 200 gems I lost trying to buy the Island in the first place! Dragon cinema has issues! Dragon Cinema still not working properly especially when they have gem events.


Gr8 game


I love this game! Its soo fun! Just one thing you should make different. When you open the app there are usually too many event adds that poop up. Other wise THE GAME IS GREAT

Facebook ruins the game

Once you long in you need to pester your friends or make significant in-app purchases to advance. Was fun before I logged into Facebook. Not worth playing anymore. Writing to them doesnt change anything.


Love this game ! Its fun to see what you get after breeding two different dragons ! Wish I could level up faster though!

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