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This game is unmistakably great!!Ive played it on many devices,and this game is superb!!!If there were 10 stars I would say 10 stars and beyond!!!

The best game ever

This is fun and great

Cool game

Thanks to my 10yr old niece I started playing. Haha

Fun game

I like how I picked up where I left off on the computer. However if you want to go anywhere in the game you have to spend money. Sorry but if I have to spend money to play there is no point in me playing. Im just about done with this game. I used to love it because you didnt have to spend money and you could earn anything you needed. Now its just something thats turning into a money hungry game.

Busy hands kind of game

I enjoy these games that popped up, the "click and farm" style. Theyre fun and time consuming and dont really require much but some clicking here or there. This one is enjoyable and the art is cute, not one that really requires a bunch of personal money to be spent either.

Great game

Great game! Defiantly beats Dragon Vale

Please fix this

I played dragon cinema and completed 2 tasks one was to play game of war and reach level 10 Im now at level 15 for 830 gems and the other game was mobile strike and reach level 6 for 230 gems. Im at level 8. I never received my gems I even tried to do an offer for 2 gems. Then today I logged in an was given 100 gems but when I was using them the game reloaded when I was at 58 gems and deleted them all. Can you please fix this?


This game ive been playing it for days now Ive collected a lot of dragons please send more updates

The best game ever

I love it so much but you need wifi I would play it more if you dont have to have wifi


I really love this game but the cinemas dont show up on my Apple devices and the land upgrades wont count my neighbors correctly please fix !!!! Ive missed out on the last cinema and about to on this one as well


When I downloaded it I wasnt expecting much but this is awesome. It is a addicting... Game

Why leveling up is hard

I have been playing Dragon City for a long time but been on 52 for a long time it has not moved what is going on PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM #dragoncityfan PS BEEN ON 52 FOR A YEAR IT HAD NOT MOVED

Facebook connect

The game is great except that when I created a Facebook to get gems for the game then later it said I needed 15 friends to expand my land and having to do with friends and I dont want to add friends to expand my land I want to spend my gold. I mean whats the purpose of the gold if it is going to stockpile and there is nothing to use it for. The issue with adding friends to expand land is the worse thing I mean what if I dont want friends to expand my land can you change that especially if someone who doesnt have Facebook how will they expand their land Im on level 36 and there is already a problem with expanding please resolve issue soon.

Cinema bug

HELP the dragon cinema never appears for me :( the game need an update to fix this because I cant try to win gems and dragon if the cinema isnt here :(


Too hard to get gems and ruby red shoes also it happens to be a specific level to get certain eggs.

I Truly Love The Game!

The game is great! Its extremely addictive and it might be my favorite game ever!

Its really fun


I LOVE dragon city but I wish you would have to login because if somebody deletes the app and you have like 100 dragons and are on level like 30 that you could login and still have everything cuz that happens to me and I had to start all over again besides that I LOVE dragon city


This game is amazing

Dragon city

Fun game

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